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Richard Gard - 44th Armored Infantry Battalion

Just three days after D-Day in 1944, Miami Valley resident Richard Gard landed on Utah Beach in Normandy, France with the US Army. Gard was a Staff Sargent in the 44th Armored Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division. He was responsible for leading his platoon ahead of US troops as they made their way into France and Belgium. Originally from Union City, Ohio, Gard was drafted into the Army in 1943. He attended basic training in

44th Armored Infantry at Oberdorla

One very touching photo which shows soldiers of the 6th Armored Division is the one in which infantry men of the 44th Armored Infantry Battalion, while crossing the street, pass the body of Robert Winn who was just killed by a sniper. This took place on April 4 1945 in Oberdorla Germany.   What is interesting is that street corner in Oberdorla where the above happened  hardly changed in the past 70 years. Google Maps

Al Brodbeck, The man who died by mistake

Grave 5 in the 18th row of box C is the final resting place of soldier 1st class Alvin A. Brodbeck, a family man from Louisville, Kentucky, who by an administrative error was called under arms and go sent by mistake-then-again to Europe in 1945, where he was killed by a bullet from an SS rifle. Al, or Butch, as he was called in his family, was 24 years old and had a postponement from

Lester Raymond Fleming

I am Lester Fleming of Mattoon, Illinois, a former military man with the 6th Armored Division, 44th Infantry Battalion, I was discharged as a staff sergeant. I entered the military through the draft. I took my training in Camp Fanning, Texas. I believe it was 16 weeks. I was appointed a squad leader along with 3 other men. During the training, marching also weaponry, inspection, several times we would meet out in the desert on

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