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Andy Giambroni receives high French honor

A Red Bluff man will be honored by the country of France on Friday when he is decorated with the title of Chevalier or Knight of the Legion Medal of Honor at a ceremony at the Elks Lodge. Dr. Andy Giambroni, known to many for his 50 years of service as a veterinarian in Tehama County, will be honored for his service not only to his country, but to France, his wife Bev Giambroni said

Charles "Bob" Hogg - Battle of the Bulge Remembered

Charles "Bob" Hogg relaxes on the living room sofa of hist split-level home in Munhall, adjusts his wire-rim glasses and smiles. The 70-year-old's brown eyes shine as he speaks proudly of his community, his family, his church, his country. But as he prepares to talk about his trip to Europe next week, he changes. The World War II veteran shakes his head sadly and says "We were butchers". On Dec. 16, Hogg will be in Bastogne, Belgium

Days Not Forgotten

I had tied in with the l0lst Airborne Division. At that time we were spread out mighty thin. We lost more than half the men in our company, including all of our officers. First Sergeant Rimmer was acting company commander. All the men in the outfit were being pushed to the limit. We were cold, tired and hungry. For eight days, our half-track with our sleeping bags couldn’t reach us forcing us to take shelter

S/SGT Harry L Pillow's helmet

February 2014 a post appeared on Mark Bando's Trigger Time Forum in which a regular forum member requested more information about a helmet he found in the vicinity of Bastogne, Belgium. The helmet belonged to Staff Sergeant Harry L Pillow of B-Company, 50th Armored Infantry Battalion. Sergeant Pillow was killed in action on January 14, 1945 near Arloncourt, North East of Bastogne. After some heavy fighting in the first week of January 1945, the 50th Armored

To this day, I don’t like snow!

A forced march as part of the 3rd Army thrust, fate placed us outside the City of Bastogne. A Christmas time night infiltration through the city had us replacing our comrades of the 4th Armored who were withdrawn towards Metz, France. We took our place alongside the brave men of the 101st Airborne Division. As New Year’s dawned, we were dug in scarcely a mile east of Bastogne, after having infiltrated to this forward position

6th armored division